Shape The Future Conference

Cooperation - Learning - Future

We are proud to invite you to our Shape The Future Conference on the (18/11/2014) where we are bringing together people who work in the electrical machine design and power electronics industry. We are providing an opportunity to shape the future of the industry, through those who engage in it every day with representatives of industry, higher education and policy makers.

Our Vision

By bringing together a diverse range of people from the sector, we are creating a 'melting pot' of ideas and the emerging future of the sector. We want you to share your ideas and thoughts, that are influenced by your different backgrounds in the field of electrical machine design and power electronics, and then collaborate with your peers to create a desirable future that everyone will benefit from.

Our Vision is for us to support the sector by co-creating a framework that allows successful and effective innovation to thrive within the sector. With the help of the participants, we will identify the key factors that lead to the practice of collaboration that progress all involved.

  • By identifying the core and system barriers for innovation, skill development and policy we can start to remove these barriers.
  • Helping companies and individual engineers to develop their core skills to apply to their focused sector, from renewable energy to aerospace.
  • Making it possible to continue to create, develop and produce the core and high value components essential for a sector's success.

We value your input and want you to be part of the process that creates a community of practice which cooperates to recognize - new niches, existing barriers and opportunities for the field.

If you are interested in joining us, please click here to register.